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附件3-kessler Small AC HSK-A100 五轴头 仰侧.1.png

High performance 5 axis linkage processing

Equipped with high-performance 2-axis head, HSK A63 high speed motorized spindle, realizing multi-directional and multi-angle processing, to meet the processing requirements of high smoothness of various special-shaped parts.

The integrated worktable and wall ensures the accuracy of machine tool


The "U-shape" symmetrical structure design of the integrated worktable and wall ensures the accuracy of the machine tool, and it can effectively reduce the influence of temperature on spindle center position. Also, it maintains a strong anti-leakage effect of the machine tool.



The optimized structure enables the equipment to maintain high performance

· The thermal symmetrical box-in-box structured beam and sliding seat effectively reduces the change of spindle center due to workshop temperature, thus improving the accuracy and stability of the machine tool.

· The ram is installed with 4 heavy-load high-precision linear roller guide rails, making it very rigid and stable in working.

Comprehensive, top class, open electrical system

The Siemens SINUMERIK 840D SL is integrated to the machine, with the following advantages: 

• With powerful functions and full-level data transmission

• Adopts a modular and open architecture design with high scalability

• Increase the flexibility and productivity of the machine tool



• The machine integrates the function of milling, boring, drilling, reaming, tapping. 

• Machining for various metal workpieces, such as large parts, plate parts, shell parts, molds and other precision parts. 

• Widely used in automotive, shipbuilding, molds manufacturing and other industries.



Standard Configuration

Siemens/Fanuc CNC system

High precision 2-axis head

Motorized spindle with HSK A63 taper

X/Y/Z high-performance servo motor

Centralized automatic feeding lubrication device

Cast iron machine bed and moving parts

Water-jet cooling system

Chain-type chip conveyor

Air conditioning of electric cabinet

Tri-color alarm lamp

Lighting device of machine

Separated handwheel

Optional Configuration

24-location disc type tool magazine

32-location chain-type tool magazine

40-location chain-type tool magazine

40-location vertical and horizontal integrated tool magazine

Self-developed PRATIC AC10 2-axis head

Self-developed PRATIC AC20 2-axis head

Self-developed PRATIC AC30 2-axis head

Through-spindle coolant (TSC)

Linear encoder closed-loop control

4th axis rotary table

Workpiece inspection

Tool detection



Spindle nose to tablemm0-800
Distance between columnsmm22502850
Max. loadT/㎡5
Number/Distance of T-slots/22H7; 250
Spindle unitType/Motorized
Rate PowerkW25
Max. speedrpm20000
Rated torqueN.m30
Taper/HSK A63
Square rammm450*450
FeedratesRapid on X/Y/Zm/min30/30/30
X/Y/Z Cutting Feed Ratem/min15/15/15
DimensionMachine Heightmm42004300
Machine Widthmm50005500
Machine Lengthmm8000/9000/110009000/11000/13000

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