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  • PGME

    Small-sized fixed-beam gantry machining center

    • Economical model brings high cost-performance

    • Integrated casting iron beam and columns

    • Easy installation and maintenance

    • PGME



X-axis structure design

1. The 2-55 heavy-duty linear guideways are used
2. The ballscrew drive is equipped to improve torque
3. The bed and worktable are made of high strength cast iron
4. The ballscrew are fixed with pre-stretching structure on both ends to decrease the precision loss caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

Y-axis structure design 

1. The ballscrew are fixed with pre-stretching structure on both ends to decrease the precision loss caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

2. The beam and columns are integrated casting by high strength cast iron

3. The 2-55 heavy-duty linear guideways is equipped, it features high rigidity and stability thanks to the ladder-shaped layout and large span. 

4. The ballscrew drive is used to improve torque



Z-axis structure design 

1. Dual nitrogen automatic compensation balance cylinders 

2. High-strength cast iron slider and ram

3. The 2-55 heavy-duty linear guideways locate on the both sides of ram, with a large span, can bear bigger cutting force. 

Top-class numerical control system with high processing stability

• The Siemens and Fanuc  CNC system is adopted

• With powerful functions and full-level data transmission

• Adopts a modular and open architecture design with high scalability

• Increase the flexibility and productivity of the machine tool



· The machine integrates powerful functions of drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping, linear interpolation, arc interpolation, spiral interpolation, complement, three-coordinate linkage.

· Machining for various metal workpieces, such as large parts, plate parts, shell parts, molds and other precision parts. 

· Widely used in industries such as shipbuilding, power generation, heavy machinery, mold manufacturing and etc.



Standard Configuration

Siemens 828D CNC system

Fully-enclosed square ram

Spindle reduction box

X/Y/Z high-performance servo motor

Centralized lubricating device

Cast iron machine bed and main parts
Water-jet external cooling of tools

Chain-type chipconveyor

Air conditioning of electric cabinet

Tri-color alarm lamp

Lighting device of machine

Separated handwheel
Push button station
Hydraulic station

Optional Configuration

Siemens 840D CNC system

Fanuc 0i-MF PLUS CNC system

Fanuc 31i CNC system

24-location disc type tool magazine

32/40/60-location chain-type tool magazine

32/40/60-location vertical and horizontal integrated tool magazine

Accessory head changer (automatic)

Various accessory milling head

Through-spindle coolant (TSC)

Linear encoder closed-loop control

4th axis rotarty table

Exchangeale pallets

Workpiece inspection

Tool detection



From spindle end to worktablemm150-1150
Distance of two columnsmm18002300
Max. loadt8/1013/17
Number of T-slotsmm22
Spindle unitType/Mechanical
Square rammm400*400
FeedratesRapid on X/Y/Z/Wm/min20/20/16
X/Y/Z/W Cutting Feed Ratem/min10/10/10
DimensionMachine Heightmm4900
Machine Widthmm43004800
Machine Lengthmm7000/80008000/10000
Machine weightt25/2730/35

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