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Design of fixed-beam with movable worktable

The worktable is movable (X-axis), the spindle moves along the beam (Y-axis), and the ram moves up and down (Z-axis)

Higher rigidity, better dynamic performance and precision

• The fixed beam structure has good rigidity, large bearing capacity of spindle, which can bear more processing intensity.

• Simple structure with light-weight moving parts makes it easier to control the machining deformation.

• Short distance between the beam and the workbench to achieve higher stability, better dynamic performance and accuracy.



Excellent in heavy-duty and rigid machining

Adopt rectangular double column gantry structure, which has enough rigidity to the load in all directions and twists, ensures high machining accuracy on the basis of high machining strength.

①The saddle is equipped with 7 sliders ensures good anti-seismic performance

②The distance from the spindle center to the Y-axis guide surface is short, and the turning torque is small

③Large cross section of the beam and span of the guide rail

④Y axis guide adopts imported heavy-duty guide support

High responsiveness is achieved through the Z-axis dual servo drive

The Z-axis dual servo realizes to drive at Center of Gravity, ensuring the forces (F) on both sides are balanced, eliminating the rotation torque generated during the drive. High responsiveness and synchronization are achieved during acceleration, thus achieving stable machining accuracy.



High rigidity machine bed ensures stable processing

①Drive on center of gravity for good guidance

Screw is installed on the center of gravity position, ensures the rigidity and stability

②The worktable has small overhanging and high rigidity

③The bed with four guide rail structure

Adopts imported linear guide with high precision, high rigidity, small friction, long-term accuracy.

High strength spindle unit

①Reasonable motor installation position

The heat generated during the processing is discharged upwards

②Adopts rigid coupling

Faster dynamic response

③Higher strength spindle bearing

With bigger diameter of the spindle bearing, the spindle structure is more stable.

④The spindle cooling

Reduce the influence of machining heating on spindle accuracy.



Top-class numerical control system with high processing stability

• The Siemens and Fanuc  CNC system is adopted

• With powerful functions and full-level data transmission

• Adopts a modular and open architecture design with high scalability

• Increase the flexibility and productivity of the machine tool


· The machine integrates powerful functions of drilling, milling, boring, expanding, reaming, rigid tapping, linear interpolation, arc interpolation, spiral interpolation, complement, three-coordinate linkage.

· Machining for various metal workpieces, such as large parts, plate parts, shell parts, molds and other precision parts. 

· Widely used in industries such as shipbuilding, power generation, heavy machinery, mold manufacturing and etc.



Standard Configuration

Siemens 828D CNC system

4500 rpm spindle speed

Spindle gearbox

Fully-enclosed square ram

Spindle constant tempreture system

Pneumatic lubrication system

X/Y axis guide rail protection

External cooling system (air/water)

Screw chip conveyor

The foundation installation

Rigid tapping

Tri-color alarm lamp

Lighting device of machine

Portable handheld unit

Push button station

Accessories with the machine

Optional Configuration

Fanuc Oi-F PLUS CNC system

6000 rpm spindle speed

24-location tool magazine (vertically tool change)

30-location tool magazine (vertically tool change)

40-location tool magazine (vertically/horizontally tool change)

60-location tool magazine (vertically/horizontally tool change)

Automatic narrow 90° angle head

Automatic 90° angle head

Automatic extension head

Accessory head changer (automatic)

Linear encoder closed-loop control

4th axis rotarty table

Through-spindle coolant (TSC)

Exchangeale pallets

Workpiece inspection

Tool detection



Spindle nose to tablemm300 - 1500
Distance between columnsmm280032003700
Max. loadt20/2522/30/4030/40/45
Width/Distance/Number of T-slots/28-200-928-200-1128-200-13
Spindle unitType/Mechanical
Square rammm400*400
FeedratesRapid on X/Y/Zm/min15/15/1012/15/1010/15/10
X/Y/Z Cutting Feed Ratem/min6/6/6
DimensionMachine Heightmm6350
Machine Widthmm700077008200
Machine Lengthmm12150/1615012150/16150/2000018200/20750/22750
Machine WeightT45/5560/70/8580/90/100

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