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PRATIC 5-axis horizontal machining center won the “Excellence Patent Award”

As a high-tech enterprise based on innovation, PRATIC has been continuously developing new machining center models for various industries.

From the beginning of 2020 PRATIC has been developing its horizontal machining center series - PW Series and PWA Series, and in July 2021, the horizontal 5-axis machining center won the "22nd China Patent Excellence Award".

PRATIC horizontal machining center adopts Headstock Fixed-distance Structure or Headstock Hanging Structure, enhance the machine rigidity. Suitable for machining relatively precise workpiece with 1+N sides like LED display screen, 5G radiator housing, Electric vehicles battery tray, etc.

Advantage as follows: 

  1. One machine is equivalent to a traditional production line, and the floor area is far less than a traditional production line; 


2. Clamp two workpieces at a time to complete 6 sides processing, improve collaborative accuracy and reduce positioning error; 


3.Worker can clamp the workpiece in the other side when machine processing, improve the production efficiency; 


4.The Through-Spindle Coolant makes the chips fall directly, reducing the chip accumulation of the fixture and product clamping damage.