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With the development of industry 4.0, aluminum materials have replaced some metal materials in the industrial field thanks to their good casting performance, flexible molding performance, lighter weight and more environmental protection. 


Among them, aluminum profiles are increasingly used in automotive lightweight, high-speed rail transit, new energy fields, doors and windows, curtain walls, industrial tents and custom furniture and etc..

Applicable For Machining

PRATIC CNC has been deeply engaged in aluminum processing since its inception, and has been the leading manufacturer in this area. Its high precision long-travel moving column profile machining centers occupies an absolute dominant position in the domestic market, which is characterized by:

- long-scale processing
- multiple short-scale processing 
- multiple area processing

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Processing Samples
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    Aircraft parts 1
  • Aircraft parts
  • Aluminum alloy bumper
  • High speed train grider
  • High speed train parts
  • Tent structrual parts
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