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The case parts are widely used in different industries, such as automobile engine block, control cabinet box, LED display box, 5G shield cover and so on.


This kind of parts are characterized by irregular overall shape, the need for multi-surface machining with multiple processing locations. Therefore, the machine tools for these parts are required to have higher performance, higher efficiency and accuracy.


PRATIC CNC munlti-function horizontal machining centers and gantry machining centers, which meet the processing needs of such products very well, a clamping to complete multi-surface processing and multiple processing procedures, saving labor and time for users, while maintaining higher precision.

Applicable For Machining

- Automobile engine case
 - Control cabinet box
 - Gearbox bottom casing
 - LED display box
 - Photovoltaic inverter
 - 5G filter

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Processing Samples
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    5G Filter
  • 5G Radiator
  • Auto engine case
  • Electric control box
  • LED Display box
  • New engergy battery pack
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