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With entering the aerospace application since year of 2012, Pratic CNC has accumulated rich experience in the industry. 

Compared with ordinary aluminum structural parts, aviation aluminum brings higher processing requirements -- higher manufacturing level, higher positioning accuracy, strict quality control, strict life service requirements. 

Pratic CNC has been deeply engaged in aluminum processing for many years, and its high speed and high precision machining centers serve aviation manufacturers extensively.

Applicable For Machining

■ Hatch door 
■ Wing
■ Floor beam
■ Spoiler
■ Window frame
■ Vertical tail & horizontal tail
■ Fuselage structure
■ Seat guide rail

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Processing Samples
  • 图片简介
    Engine room side beam
  • Floor beams
  • Fuselage structure
  • Hatches
  • Keel beam
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